Cookies and similar technologies


Cookies are small text files that the sites visited by users send to their terminals or devices, where they are stored to be transmitted again to the same sites during subsequent visits. Cookies (and / or similar technologies such as SDK technologies for the mobile world) can be stored permanently (persistent cookies) on your device or have a variable duration; they can in fact be deleted by closing the browser or having a limited duration to the single session (session cookies). Cookies can be installed by (first-party cookies) or by other websites (third-party cookies).

Cookies are used for different purposes as better specified in the following point 2 of this page.

For profiling activities, personal data collected through cookies are processed for a maximum period of 12 months from the moment consent is given to the treatment. Below you will find all the information on cookies installed through the website and / or related applications and the necessary instructions on how to manage your preferences regarding them.

We remind you that our platform supports the browsers and / or applications identified below for the purposes of proper service delivery. For best results we recommend that you download the latest version of your browser and / or app.

We remind you that can not guarantee the correct functioning of the service and the effectiveness of the information contained in this statement for previous versions of browsers and / or unsupported apps.

1.1. Desktop site browser

  • Chrome version 49.0 or later
  • Firefox version 52.0 or later
  • Internet Explorer version 11 or later
  • Edge
  • Safari version 8 or later

1.2. Mobile site browser

  • iOS 7.1 or later (iPhone 4 or later): Safari
  • Android 4.1 or later: Chrome 28.0 or later, Samsung Browser 3.3 or later, Android browser.
  • Windows Phone 8.1 or later: IEMobile

1.3. Browser for tablet devices

  • Ipad: Safari
  • Android: Android Browser

1.4. App

  • IOS 6.1.0 or later
  • Android 3.2.0 or later


2.1. First-party cookies and related purposes

The main purposes of cookies installed by are:

(i) techniques, are used for purposes related to the provision of the service and to allow or improve navigation on or store searches. These cookies are essential to ensure our platform is working properly.

(ii) analytics, to collect statistical information on the use of the service by users (e.g. number of visitors, pages visited, ...). We use these cookies to analyze the traffic on our pages anonymously, without storing personal data.

2.2. Third-party cookies and related purposes

The main purposes of cookies installed by third parties are:

(i) analytical: to collect statistical information on the use of the service by users (e.g. number of visitors, pages visited, ...). These cookies are used to analyze the traffic on our pages anonymously, without storing personal data.

Third party: Google Analytics

(ii) of profiling:

  • marketing: we analyze your online actions so that you can provide, through third-party partners, content and commercial offers in line with your interests, also based on your previous browsing experience. This information is managed separately from the identification data held by
  • Third party: Google Adwords
  • personalized advertising: through these cookies we show you advertisements according to your preferences, habits or consumption choices.
  • Third party: Google Doubleclick

In addition, cookies specially designed for "social networks" may be activated. They allow the user to interact via social networks (share function, Facebook ) . When a page contains this command, a direct connection is established with the selected social network.


The consent to the use of profiling cookies is provided by the user through the following methods: closing the banner containing the brief information, scrolling the page hosting the banner or clicking any of its elements and can be revoked at any time.

All technical cookies do not require consent, so they are installed automatically as a result of access to the site or service.


Cookies can be completely disabled by the browser using the appropriate function provided in most browsers.

It is good to know that by deactivating cookies some of the features of Subito may not be usable.

Here are the links to the information of the main browsers for more information on the deactivation of cookies: Chrome , Firefox , < a href = ""> Internet Explorer < / span> , Safari , Edge , IEMobile .

To disable the third-party performance and profiling cookies individually click on the links to the information on the third parties expressly indicated in the previous point2  of this cookie policy.

With regard to profiling cookies aimed at offering you personalized advertising, we inform you that, if you exercise the opt-out, you will continue to receive general advertising in any case.

To opt out and disable personalized advertisements by changing the settings of your mobile devices , follow the instructions below:

4.1. Android

  1. on your device open the "Google Settings" app
  2. scroll down and select "Google"
  3. select "Announcements"
  4. select "Disable interest-based ads" or "Disable ad personalization"

4.2. iOS

iOS devices use the Apple Advertising Identifier. To learn more about how to limit ad tracking with this identifier, visit the "Settings on your device" app or visit .


The Youonlinechoice and offer the possibility to refuse or accept the cookies of many digital advertising professionals.

We suggest you to use these platforms to manage the revocation of consent to the use of cookies.

To learn more about targeted advertising, you can consult the following pages: